-Pick up at Cần Thơ. Transfer to visit Mười Cương cocoa garden with more than 2.000 cocoa trees. Enjoy amazing cocoa cups at the spot. Continue to visit meditation center of the South – Thiền Viện Trúc Lâm Phương Nam.

-After lunch, visit Bình Thủy Mansion, a hundred year-old East Western architectural symbol.

-Return to Long Xuyên for dinner and check-ins.

-Self exploration at night.

-06h00AM, breakfast and preperation for Châu Đốc city

-09h00AM, boat exploration on Bassac river. Visit fish farm village to understand local aquaculture, visit  Chăm muslim village, gaze upon the beauty of the architecture, watch beautiful Chăm women make silk local handicrafts.

-11h00 AM lunch at local restaurant.

-12h00 PM visit Tra Su bird santuary by small canoe and watch locals rare and endangered bird species in their natural habitats.

– Transfer to Cave pagoda and enjoy breath taking sceneries.

-Dinner at Châu Đốc city.

-Return to Long Xuyên, self exploration at night.

-06h30 AM breakfast and check-outs.

-Continue on to Tân Huy Đông – Sa Đéc flower garden, a multi-generation family owned traditional flower planting village.

-Go to Nam Phương family Shrine, a construction used to honored 125 heroes, responsible for the flourishment of the South.

-Go back Cần Thơ, have lunch.

-Farewell at Cần Thơ city.


Day la dau plan


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